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Private Guiding

Would you like me personally to guide your tour around Madagascar?


Would you like a specialist guide who is a birding specialist?  Or do you want someone who is able to take you into the wildest places?  Up mountains? Into the crater of a volcano?


Whatever your special need, we have specialist private guides just for you.  Just let us know your requirements and we will work our magic.


Personally, I am occasionally available to lead individuals or small groups who want a close-up look at Malagasy wildlife, culture and society from the inside. Occasionally we are able to arrange private entrance to special events, such as the traditional turning-the-bones ceremony, the famadihana.  Visits to famadihana are arranged through my Malagasy family, and are only usually possible from August to late October.


Be in touch for details.

We at Dadamanga SARL use the triple-bottom-line style of management in our company... So, we measure our success in three ways.  We count our financial bottom line, but, in equal measure, we look to our success environmentally and socially.


Our biggest environmental & social activity by far is our private sanctuary, Sainte Luce Reserve, where we employ local people to protect a secret sanctuary where wildlife thrives undisturbed, apart from a small camp, housing a tiny team of volunteer conservation workers.  This is a forest full of lemurs, on an isolated beach in the south east corner of Madagascar.  The last place where the rainforest meets the sea.


If you would like to visit our reserve, we consider each case individually.  It is not, as such, open to tourism.  You can see more about our reserve and the wonderful wildlife to which we provide safe and peaceful haven on our facebook page for the reserve here and on the reserve website here.


Be in touch for details.

Sainte Luce Private Reserve