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About Dadamanga

At the same address, in the same street, living in our neighborhood in the south east of Madagascar, for 20 years. Our office is here in our garden, from where we have been watching the Indian Ocean and planning people's adventures for years.  Let us show you Madagascar.  When you allow Dadamanga to manage your holiday you get all of our years of experience.


From Australia, my passion was always Madagascar and in 1987 I made my first visit here, later setting up a non-profit organisation which I ran here for 15 years.  I'm now retired from charity work, and focus purely on planning amazing holidays for clients, and on the conservation of our amazing wildlife reserve, Sainte Luce Reserve.


When you ask us for a quote, it is myself and my team who write it, every itinerary unique, prepared especially for you.  When you ask for advice, it is my 20 years of experience that is supporting you.  When you buy a tour with us, it is my personal number that you can call in the middle of the night if you have an insect in your room.  You benefit from our 20 years of experience in Madagascar and we are delighted to share it with you, to make your experience here the most perfect experience it can be.  Traveling in Madagascar is unlike traveling anywhere else on earth and we know how to make it work for you.


Our owner is currently Vice President of the Regional Office of Tourism - Anosy.

"May I announce to you that Madagascar is the naturalists' promised land?" wrote the visitor

Philippe de Commerson in 1771.


"Nature seems to have retreated there into a private sanctuary, where she could work on different models from any she used elsewhere. There you meet bizarre and marvelous forms at every step."



Some of our office team, our conservation rangers, our guards and guides...